CPD courses in Experiential Anatomy
The video describes the courses, but is slightly out of date. Now the modules can be started at any time and you do them at your own rate.
These unique modules are much more than just learning Anatomy

They do teach anatomy in depth but also show how to sense your own bones, muscles, organs and other structures. It also demonstrates how to touch and enliven them in clients and how to teach the recipient to move them themselves.

Past students have said:

"This is the first time I've really understood how anatomy and energy are connected",

"This course is THRILLING, I'm experiencing things I never dreamt were possible",

"Now I have real tools for reaching the hidden parts of me, it's like switching on a light!"

The courses are online and use video demonstrations, guided explorations and meditations, unique animations and pages full of rich graphics and profound information about how anatomy contributes to our energy and to our sense of self.

We are developing 12 modules: for more information click here